Our platform is out. Here's why you should get behind it.

This week John Horgan released our plan to build a Better BC. Our platform contained three commitments: good jobs, better services and more affordable everyday life.

For those of you who really like details, you can read the full 118-page platform here, or check out a summary of our platform here.

How’s it going over? Well, we don’t like to toot our own horn, so we’ll just let the reviews speak for themselves.

Here’s what people are saying about the BC NDP Platform:

“I’d say his cleverly packaged campaign promises give the NDP their best shot at ending the Liberal dynasty and pulling off the upset on May 9.” -- Mike Smyth, Vancouver Province
“To govern is to choose, as saying goes. On Thursday, John Horgan signalled that it is time for some different choices than the ones the B.C. Liberals have been making for the last 16 years.” -- Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
“Call it the NDP mullet platform: balanced business up front, capital spending in the back.” -- Justin McElroy, CBC.ca

Oh geez! Stop – we’re blushing! (And who knew we’d ever feel this much mullet pride.)

In case you missed it, the BC Liberals released their platform too. And what are the reviews on that, you ask?

Well, you know what they say… if you can’t say anything nice… We'll let those other folks tell you how they really feel.

Here are the reviews on Christy Clark’s platform:

“One of the dreariest, least-inspiring vision documents put forward by a governing party in recent memory.” – Gary Mason, Globe and Mail
“BC Liberals [are] as cynical as ever.” – Tom Fletcher, Black Press
“For all the talk of ‘1,000 unique ideas’ at the last Liberal convention, the governing party is mostly tinkering at the edges.” – Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun

The choice is clear – it's all about the #MulletPlatform. Join the BC NDP on May 9 as we make life more affordable, provide better services and create good jobs.