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Rob Fleming

for Victoria-Swan Lake

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Working for Victoria-Swan Lake

Rob Fleming was first elected as an NDP MLA in the BC Legislature in 2005.

Rob has been an effective opposition spokesperson for the environment, tourism, advanced education and most notably, education.  Rob has also served on the Legislature’s Public Accounts Committee and as vice-chair of the Select Standing Committee on Education.

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As a father of two school-aged children and a strong advocate of public education, Rob has witnessed the damage Christy Clark has caused to public education and is determined to repair it.

Rob’s long track record of community involvement in Victoria dates back to his days as a student at the University of Victoria, where he spearheaded the creation of the universal bus pass for students, the first of its kind in British Columbia.

Before Rob was an MLA he served two terms as a Victoria City Councilor. He chaired the city’s finance committee and represented Victoria at the Capital Regional District, the Victoria Regional Transit Commission, the Capital Region Housing Corporation and Tourism Victoria. As a City Councillor, Rob was a leading advocate for public transit and affordable housing.

Seeing the damage that Christy Clark and her government have caused from making life less affordable, allowing our housing market to get out of control, dismantling our public education system, depleting our healthcare system, and ignoring issues like climate change, Rob knows that it’s time for a change in government.

That’s why Rob stands behind John Horgan and electing a BC NDP government, because unlike Christy Clark, he wants to put all British Columbians first. Christy Clark is only there for the wealthy and well connected.

Let’s elect a government that won’t leave British Columbians behind.

John's Story

John Horgan's commitments to BC

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